Choosing dates for workshops is dependent upon availability, geography, and time of year. Securing a date for any generic program must be coordinated through the Director. Mondays and Fridays are the normal flex dates to accommodate schedule changes, rain-outs and individual adjustments. Please indicate if more than one day is needed. Programs given on Friday may not be stretched to Monday owning to storage and insurance constraints.

Each daily workshop requires coverage by classroom teachers, aids and other school personnel who can manage a multiple of stations. Preliminary instruction for each station will be given in initial meetings and on the day of the worshop. The success of each workshop and each station is dependent on the full involvement and cooperation of teachers and aids. (This is fundamental to the work.)

This is a fundamental agreement that must be agreed to by all participants. Workshops are interactive cross-curricular and each station is a singular activity. The success of the program is dependent upon interaction by all participants.

Hands-on-History works through several states, mostly Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. School curriculums create a generic sequence which can press the calendar. Hands-on-History attempts to accommodate your curriculum time frames by adjusting dates accordingly, whenever possible. When contacting us, please have first and second date choices available so we can plug you into the best possible timeframe. The Hands-on-History workshops are not exclusive to unit time frames alone. Many programs are given prior to and after unit completion and act as reinforcing agents in all cases.

The earlier you sign up the greater the flexibility and likelihood of getting your preferred dates. Many clients sign up six months to a year in advance to satisfy their time needs.

All classes must be informed that wanton destruction of program materials will result in stiff financial assessments against the school and the individuals involved. If You break it, other students in other schools will be denied the opportunity. The privilege of having this program also entails a responsibility to protect the materials and behave as ladies and gentlemen.